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Chris Freemott Naperville Mortgage Company and Companies

Christopher Freemott works for a top Naperville Mortgage Company . As an industry professional with more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of the mortgage banking industry, he joined The Federal Savings Bank, one of the top Naperville Mortgage Companies. He has successfully managed a privately held mortgage banking firm and running the mortgage platforms for two separate community banks. His experience level spans all aspects of residential mortgage lending, and his leadership in the industry has overseen the production and sale of more than One Billion Dollars in residential mortgage loans.

During the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008 Christopher became a trusted source of information and industry insight for reporters at the Wall Street Journal and US News and World Report. His multiple quotes and interviews in those publications speak to the depth and breadth of his industry knowledge and awareness. Since joining The Federal Savings, one of the top Naperville Mortgage Companies and Banks in 2013, Christopher has brought outstanding managerial experience, leadership, industry knowledge, and both a refined ability and capacity to grow a sales team to this rapidly expanding platform.

Christopher lives in Naperville with his wife Jennifer, a veterinarian and his son Alton, daughter Jillian, two dogs and a parrot. A strong believer in civic responsibility, Christopher recently served as the campaign manager for a Naperville School District candidate and plans on pursuing civic activities focusing on local politics and K-12 education.

As a producing Naperville Mortgage Company manager, Christopher continues to help clients with home financing as well as recruiting new bankers and growing the national platform.

Chris Freemott The Federal Savings Bank 1823 Centre Point Circle Naperville Il 60563 312-600-5626
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