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The most beneficial spot to see Flamingo's in Spain property Bar NONE is definitely the lagoon of Fuente de Piedra. It can be just a brief distance north-west of Antequera, around 15,000 pairs of flamingos arrive within the first 2 months of each and every year to breed. The chicks arrive in spring, along with the birds remain suitable by means of Summer time till August.

Flamingos are a loved ones of substantial, brilliantly coloured aquatic birds whose characteristic habitats are alkaline

Or saline lakes. Extended legs and a lengthy, curved neck are characteristic all flamingo species. Flamingos would be the bird with all the longest neck plus the longest legs compared with physique size. They've a quick tail, significant wings, lengthy legs, a pink or moronic colour, and webbed feet. They might stand up to 5 feet tall. Their diet program consists of crustaceans, algae and tiny aquatic invertebrates which give the birds their colour. When the flamingo feeds, it dips its bill, that is downturned, upside down into the water. They feed by sucking in water by means of their bill and passing it by way of sieve-like plates to filter out the modest shrimp and water-boatmen of their diet regime. Flamingos are the only birds that use this process of feeding. It really is referred to as filter feeding. Feather colour varies with species, ranging from pale pink to crimson. A flamingo's diet of tiny water plants and animals is full of substances known as carotenoids. These carotenoids pigments result in flamingos' feathers to turn pink. The a lot more their diet plan includes these substances the pinker they get. In flight or around the ground, these stately, long-legged and long-necked birds are impressive, a popular sight for vacationers and photographers.

Flamingos are extremely social birds. Colonies of tens of a large number of birds are typical. They've very good hearing but little or no sense of smell. Flamingos are believed to attain sexual maturity at about five years, and to possess a lifespan of about 15 years.
Its call is a deep, loud honk, somewhat resembling that of a goose. Flamingos legs bend backwards and they consume upside down.

They rest either sitting down with their legs tucked beneath them or standing on one leg.

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This saltwater lake has the only inland colony of higher flamingos in Europe. Here we've what appears to be the biggest natural lagoon in Property for sale alhaurin el grande . Over 3 miles lengthy and more than 1 as well as a half miles wide this lagoon gives an ideal breeding spot for a single of this most uncommon bird.
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