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What factors we should pay more attention in the purchasing of the LED flood light?

High reputation manufacturer for LED light:

As we all know, there are many advantages of the led high bay light such as energy-saving effect, long using life, no radiation, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light, wide operating voltage and a series of good characteristics. Because of these good factors, the LED flood light has been increasingly welcomed by most of consumers. Today, the famous manufacturer for led high bay light which website is would tell you matters and attention about the purchasing for the Led light.??
The first point we should take into consideration is the packaging and label. The led high bay light manufacturers should mark these label on the product packaging such as Rated voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. In general, high-quality products would have good quality for printing trademark and the logo is also clearly and visible. These labels would not be easily wiped with a damp cloth. On the other hand, and there would also have the manufacturer's trademarks and related certification mark.

The second point is related to the appearance of the yaham. The appearance of the products should not have cracks and loose. In the installation and removal process for the led high bay light, there should be no loose or tilted cap phenomenon. The plastic shell of the lights must be flame-retardant plastic which is characterized by its surface which has the frosted glass texture.

Thirdly, the working condition of the 400W metal halide replacement could also show the quality of the LED lamps. In the normal working condition, the temperature rising should be relatively low. On the other hand, if the conditions of heat dissipation are not good, the led light would become very weak at high temperatures. At the same time, if the led high bay light has rapid blinking in the lighting on and off, there would exist quality problems

The last point is about the sound in the working condition. The electromagnetic compatibility is the typically standard for the electrical items. We could also do a simple test to judge it. The measurement is that you should first turn on the LED lights and then put a radio near the 120w led high bay lighting. If the noise of the radio is little, we could say that the quality of this Led light is good. In addition, if you could clearly hear the voice of the working lamps in a quiet environment, we could say that the quality of this lamp is not good enough

These four factors are the useful methods from some useful experience. If you could apply them into your purchasing of the led high bay light, the high quality products would not far away from you.

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